New Pictures from Dead Sea Living!

Dead Sea Living is currently in production, check out some newly released photos!...

Mabul Still Showing at AMC!

Mabul is in its third week at AMC, be sure to check it out!

Watch Mabul at the Israeli Film Festival!

Mabul will be shown at the Montreal Israeli Film Festival on April 29th and 30th at 8:30. Director Guy Nattiv will be there to present the film and will be holding a Q&A after ...

What is your T-Shirt Story?

Everyone wears t-shirts. They are a staple of the modern wardrobe, a universal item that can be found in everyone’s closet. T-Shirt Stories will follow the path of the t-shirt, from its very beginning as a mere cotton ball, to its fabrication, design, sale and then finally its owner and ...

Mabul – The Flood

Everything is complicated in Yoni’s life. He’s almost 13, real gifted, but physically undeveloped and struggles daily to grow up before his threatening up-coming Bar Mitzva ; He sells homework in order to secretly buy a body building wonder

Mabul wins Critics’ Award at the Outaouais Film Festival!

Mabul received a Golden Totem for winning the Critics' Award/Prix de la critique 2012 at the Outaouais Film Festival! "Ce film restera longtemps dans la mémoire des festivaliers, il a reçu des critiques très élogieuses et nous sommes heureux de ...

New Pictures from Tee Shirt Stories!

Here are some newly released photos from the film, Tee Shirt Stories!...


Despite the torrential deluge, massive flooding and loss of life, there is a palpable sense of elation amongst those who experience the “burst” of the Indian Monsoon. Instead of evacuation and war-like preparations, the first rain of the season marks a great celebration across India. From June to September, the monsoon ...

Citizen or Stranger? on ARTE April 3

Be sure to check out Citizen or Stranger? on ARTE April 3!

Citizen or Stranger?

Citizen or Stranger? is about one of the most important issues of our time: immigration. It drives the headlines, the emotions and much of the political conversation around the world. Mass migration is a fact of global life, and with the decline in birth rates in the developed world immigrants are ...

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