S&M: Short and Male

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Director(s): Howard Goldberg
Producer(s): Ina Fichman


Distributor(s): Filmoption
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It’s our dirty little secret – size matters. We’re obsessed with height. We like our men tall, dark and handsome but at what cost?

Cultures around the world are obsessed with size: it matters, big time. Women equate height with sex appeal.   Society is stuck on the belief that tall people make the best leaders and that tall men deserve more money.

With a touch of humour, S&M : SHORT AND MALE examines the obstacles that short statured men face every day in life, love and work. Shot in the US, Canada, China and Europe, we speak to men from all walks of life to unearth what makes some short men bigger than others.

Directed by Howard Goldberg,  S&M begins as an almost tongue in cheek examination of a gigantically small non-issue, which magically blossoms into a touching story of human struggle.   The struggle of living short and male in a world where too often bigger is seen as better.

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