Malls R Us

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Genre: Documentary
Director(s): Helene Klodawsky
Producer(s): Ina Fichman and Luc Martin-Gousset

Point du jour, CBC, Tele-Quebec, Canal +, Rogers

Distributor(s): Point du jour International and Filmoption
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What do Al Gore, the Tower of Babel, science fiction, gothic cathedrals, artichokes and roller coasters have in common? All come together in Malls R Us, a feature documentary with a multiplex of reflections and revelations on one of North America’s most popular institutions – the enclosed shopping center. Mixing nostalgia, architectural ambition, pop culture and politics, Malls R US travels from North America, the mall’s origins, to some of its newer hosts – Poland, Japan, India and Dubai Religious, environmental and labour critics wander through shrinking public space asking whether community can ever be born out of food courts and superstores…

Walking among shoppers and workers of many tongues and cultures, Malls ‘R Us wonders, “is there only one true language at the mall – the one where money talks?”Ironic, sobering and visually stunning, this surprising documentary offers a trip to the mall like no other.

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