Being Dorothy

Genre: Documentary
Director(s): Howard Goldberg
Producer(s): Ina Fichman
Distributor(s): FRV Media
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If Dorothy were alive today, what would her dreams be made of?

If you’re a teenager living in Liberal, Kansas, you can have a job “being Dorothy” at Liberal’s own Land of Oz Museum. Being Dorothy weaves the lyrical mysticism of the Wizard of Oz into the conservative landscape of middle America. Is there no place like home for Dorothy today?

Even though Dorothy Gale was swept away somewhere over the rainbow more than 100 years ago, her story symbolizes the voyage that every teenager must live through as they take their first tentative steps away from the protective cocoon of home.

Being Dorothy focuses on the lives of the young women in Liberal Kansas who are employed as “part-time Dorothys” in the Land of Oz display of the Seward County Historical Museum. Presenting events in their lives, the documentary paints a portrait of teenage maturation within the context of the mythical Land of Oz — a place where a girl is nothing without the courage, heart, and brains to discover her own sense of home.

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