Back to the Scene of the Crime

Genre: Documentary
Director(s): Ilan Ziv
Producer(s): Ina Fichman, Arik Bernstein, Ilan Ziv

Tamouz Media, Alma Films

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Back to the Scene of the Crime will tell the dramatic story of the attempt to assassinate Khaled Meshal the Hamas leader.  Structured like a political thriller it will use the narrative to explore the larger practice of Israel’s political assassination and to compare it to the most recent political assassination in Dubai. The story will be told by those who participated in it:  Israeli Mossad operatives and commanders including those who actually carried out the botched attempt, Israeli politicians, Jordanian secret service agents who apprehended the would be assassins, personal aids to the late King Hussein who participated in the negotiations, Israel former Mossad chief, Hamas leaders including Khalid Meshal. Many of those interviewed will speak for the first time. Their stories together with filming on location, carefully stylized reenacted imagery and unique archives will be edited into a riveting political drama.


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