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    Undying Love

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Undying Love

Undying Love, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating


We were young when we were liberated. With no place to go, we turned to each other. Some might say, ‘Hitler was our matchmaker.’

Hailed as “gripping”, “requisite viewing”, “endearing” and “uplifting” by film critics worldwide, this unique film tells seven poignant, enduring, often miraculous love stories of survivors of World War II.  Directed by Helene Klodawsky and produced by Ina Fichman, UNDYING LOVE has won many awards, including a Gemini, Chris Award and craft awards for Director/Writer Helene Klodawsky and DOP Francois Dagenais. Screened at prestigious international films festivals, in theatres and on television in many countries, UNDYING LOVE is a timeless film.

Against the brutalized landscape of post-war Europe, UNDYING LOVE focuses on how survivors struggled to reconstruct personal identities and forge intimate relationships. Men and women in their teens, twenties, and thirties managed, against incredible odds, to throw away the striped uniforms of their oppressors and recreate life.
Crossing continents, spanning decades and traversing the greatest extremes of human experience, UNDYING LOVE presents a collection of love stories unlike any other.

Shot on location in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Washington, Amsterdam  and Poland, UNDYING LOVE interweaves a number of narratives through interviews with survivors, rare archival documentary footage, vintage film clips from Hollywood and Yiddish cinema, dramatic re-enactments and glimpses of life in action today.
Director Helene Klodawsky is the daughter of Holocaust survivors.  In this personal point-of-view film, she explores the healing power of love.  UNDYING LOVE is bittersweet romance set in war and peace, death and rebirth, in the ordinary struggles of daily life and, perhaps, in the unknowable workings of Heaven.

“This documentary is a testament to survivors’ desire for a normal life and their pains to create beauty out of despair ”, explains Klodawsky.


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