Enfance sous controle (Children Under Surveillance) wins prize

We are pleased to announce that Enfance sous Controle won the prize for Best Social Issue documentary at  Traces de Vie festival in Clermont Ferrand, France. Directed by Marie Jaury, written by Gregory Benabent and produced by Ina Fichman (Intuitive Pictures) and Luc Martin-Gousset (Point du jour).

How Human

Editing, directing, cycling, watching TV .... that's just a few of the things that makes Howard Goldberg so human.

A Woman’s Intuition

Why are we called Intuitive Pictures? That's because Founder Ina Fichman tries to follow her intuition... about great ideas, talented collaborators, brilliant partners, and also, the zeitgeist. Here, we follow Ina as she navigates the complex creative and business side of being a producer.

On the Road for 2 weeks

Glad to be in Paris... Home at Hotel Ecole Centrale. Whizzing around on the very crowded Metro. From Bonne Nouvelle to Parmentier to Bastille. From Bio-piracy  to Tee Shirts to Dead Sea Living. They say that it might snow on the weekend... ...

Enfance sous controle: Children Under Surveillance at Trace de Vie Festival

Screening in Clermont Ferrand, France will be held: Thursday,  November 25th @ 20h30 Salle Boris Vian de la Maison de la Culture Director Marie-Pierre Jaury will be present.

On the Road for 2 Weeks

Amsterdam is a magical city. And, remarkably sunny for this time of year. But, imagine that all you see is the same 2-3 canals as you are absorbed by IDFA, the Forum and various venues in the area.


Twenty years ago, a young freelance journalist, Albert Nerenberg, smuggled a video camera through army lines during the 1990 Oka crisis - a standoff between armed Mohawk Warriors and the Canadian military.

France, Holland, Germany, Denmark

It was a grueling three weeks in France, Holland, Germany and Denmark. But also fascinating. From touring the banlieus of Lyon, to a huge wedding in Germany (and then in Holland) to a contradictory time in Denmark (charming country, happy people and miserable refugees). One of the challenges in this ...

The Rush of Rushes

The best thing about being an editor is the stuff you learn from the actual content of whatever you’re editing. Editing a documentary film is like entering a whole new world. You leave your own world behind temporarily, and when you come back, you can enjoy ...

Dead Sea Living

An extraordinary multi-platform documentary which will bring people together to save one of the most precious resources in the world from completely disappearing: the Dead Sea.

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