Mabul wins Critics’ Award at the Outaouais Film Festival!

Mabul received a Golden Totem for winning the Critics’ Award/Prix de la critique 2012 at the Outaouais Film Festival!

“Ce film restera longtemps dans la mémoire des festivaliers, il a reçu des critiques très élogieuses et nous sommes heureux de pouvoir contribuer au grand succès vers lequel ce film se destine.” Didier Farré, Directeur du Festival du Film de l’Outaouais

“Mabul will be remembered by those who attended the festival for years to come; it received rave reviews and we are happy to contribute to the success this great film deserves.” Didier Farré, Director of the Festival du Film de l’Outaouais

The jury consisted of Karine Lessard of TVA and Planète, Noémie Fallu of Radio-Canada, Maurice Graffin of Le Droit and Patrick Voyer of Info 07.

Read more about the festival here

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