Snow Falling on Dresden

Another stellar Science Congress organized by the outstanding team at Hot Docs. Dresden is a bit of a surprise — a gem of a town very close to the Czech border. But, it hasn’t stopped snowing — initially causing delays for many of the 600 delegates who have come her for meetings and workshops with the best and the brightest of the science/factual television world. The morning kicked off with the traditional “What’s the Buzz” session — 2 hours of screening excerpts from some of the most interesting factual programming in the world. Loved “American Pickers”, “Rabbits a la Berlin”, the wonderful Morgan Freeman, a series about the real “Midnight Express”, to name a few. Lots of meetings  – co-production partner PDJ meeting up with French and Canadian broadcasters. From Space: Is it a Dead End? to Why are Women Smaller than Men? to Monsoon as well as  Ghost Towns with friend and colleague Valerie Abita. Lots to do!! And, almost time to go home to kick into action…

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