On the Road for 2 weeks

Still in Paris.. It’s uncharacteristically cold. There was even a power outage last night. For a second, I thought I was having a Montreal Hydro-Quebec moment. Spent much of Friday with my colleagues at Point du jour… a nice, long metro ride away in the 15e. Number crunching and lunching — tres francais. Then, met up with directors of Tee Shirt Stories, Dimitri Pailhe & Julien Potart… funny, interesting and trendy young men who insist on calling women “na nas” — which in English, means “chicks”. If  in  North America, they would be considered  politically incorrect curiosities.  Vive La France! They are certainly worth checking out @ konbini.com  (On Stage With). Later on,  I screened PDJ’s marvellous  work-in-progress 360 film at the Planetarium  Cite du Science, La Villette… hoping to collaborate on this amazing project. Hope to bring it home to the new planetarium that’s being built in Montreal, slated to open in 2012!  Star gazing in-the-round … it’s good for the soul.

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