On the Road for 2 Weeks

Amsterdam is a magical city. And, remarkably sunny for this time of year. ┬áBut, imagine that all you see is the same 2-3 canals as you are absorbed by IDFA, the Forum and various venues in the area. First pitched with Luc at the EBU event on Sunday. Space: A Dead End? is an indepth look at manned space travel. Despite the mythology of “man in space” — should we continue it or not? Followed by a lovely French dinner with the Luc, ARTE and the astronomer who has dedicated his life to stars and space. Next stop: Love, work, Balance: Women at 40: our cross-media project that looks at the daughters of feminism… Starting, however, with today’s situation in Japan where major transformations are taking place. Have we, in North America, really come that far? And, then, there’s Dead Sea Living … ready to go with our international partners. IDFA is still one of the great centres of doc filmmaking — perfect ambiance to watch and talk film.

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