France, Holland, Germany, Denmark

It was a grueling three weeks in France, Holland, Germany and Denmark. But also fascinating. From touring the banlieus of Lyon, to a huge wedding in Germany (and then in Holland) to a contradictory time in Denmark (charming country, happy people and miserable refugees). One of the challenges in this project has always been to tell a compelling story without reducing it to a uni-dimensional polemic. That challenge continues.

Researcher/Co-writer Stephanie Binet writes:

Today was a very intense and crying day. I was in a refugee camp in Denmark, meet with some young somali men and women stuck there since 2 or 8 years for some, waiting for their asylum status. How could Europe doubt that Mogadiscio is the worst place on earth when us, journalists we can’t even go there, where french secret agents got kidnap, were the american army got his ass kicked ? Where is the european tradition of asylum ? where did our heart go ?


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