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Mabul – The Flood

Everything is complicated in Yoni’s life. He’s almost 13, real gifted, but physically undeveloped and struggles daily to grow up before his threatening up-coming Bar Mitzva ; He sells homework in order to secretly buy a body building wonder

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Despite the torrential deluge, massive flooding and loss of life, there is a palpable sense of elation amongst those who experience the “burst” of the Indian Monsoon. Instead of evacuation and war-like preparations, the first rain of the season marks a great celebration across India. From June to September, the monsoon ...

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Citizen or Stranger?

Citizen or Stranger? is about one of the most important issues of our time: immigration. It drives the headlines, the emotions and much of the political conversation around the world. Mass migration is a fact of global life, and with the decline in birth rates in the developed world immigrants are ...

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Tee Shirt Stories

Easy to produce, the t-shirt is the most basic and universal item of clothing par excellence. From Paris to Tokyo, through Ouagadougou, almost the entire population on the planet owns at least one t-shirt. Some use it to sleep in, some to run in, some to work in, while others ...

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Dead Sea Living

An extraordinary multi-platform documentary which will bring people together to save one of the most precious resources in the world from completely disappearing: the Dead Sea.

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Undying Love

We were young when we were liberated. With no place to go, we turned to each other. Some might say, ‘Hitler was our matchmaker.’ Hailed as "gripping", "requisite viewing", "endearing" and "uplifting" by film critics  UNDYING LOVE, a feature documentary, tells seven poignant, enduring, often miraculous love stories of survivors of World ...

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Family Motel

Ayan’s husband is stranded in a distant refugee camp. Her teenage daughter is giving her attitude. And she’s just been slapped with an eviction order. Welcome to Family Motel. Stuck in a run-down joint on the wrong side of town — where homeless folks rub shoulders with drag queens and ...

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Being Dorothy

If Dorothy were alive today, what would her dreams be made of? If you’re a teenager living in Liberal, Kansas, you can have a job “being Dorothy” at Liberal’s own Land of Oz Museum. Being Dorothy weaves the lyrical mysticism of the Wizard of Oz into the conservative landscape of middle America. ...

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Back to the Scene of the Crime

Back to the Scene of the Crime will tell the dramatic story of the attempt to assassinate Khaled Meshal the Hamas leader.  Structured like a political thriller it will use the narrative to explore the larger practice of Israel’s political assassination and to compare it to the most recent political ...

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Black Coffee

BLACK COFFEE is a three-hour documentary series that traces the unique and volatile history of coffee.  From its discovery on an ancient Ethiopian hillside to its role as a contemporary elixir, coffee has dominated and molded the economies, politics and social structures of entire countries. Coffee’s history is rife with ...

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