About Intuitive Pictures

Intuitive Pictures is a Montreal-based company dedicated to producing quality film, television and transmedia productions. We work with some of the finest creators: writers, directors, “ideas people” in developing projects that are both innovative and have a wide audience appeal. We welcome co-production and collaborate with partners worldwide. Our new platform intuitivepictures.ca is a space for what we believe is important:  audacious ideas, new forms of storytelling and open dialogue about what’s good and not-so-good about our world.

Malls R Us

Malls R Us

Veteran producer/executive producer Ina Fichman helms the company. For over twenty five years, Ina has been producing award-winning documentary and fiction films for television and theatrical release. Recent productions include Malls ‘R Us directed by Helene Klodawsky (CBC, Tele-Quebec, Canal+, SBS – in coproduction with Point du jour, Paris), SIX DAYS IN JUNE (SRC, ARTE, WGBH, Vision TV, Channel 8 –Israel, in co-prod. with Alma Films/Point du Jour) directed by Ilan Ziv and S&M: SHORT AND MALE (CTV, Tele-Quebec), by Howard Goldberg and THAT’S POKER (ARTE, CBC,Canal D). Other documentaries include Gemini Award winning feature UNDYING LOVE which also won awards at the Jerusalem Film Festival, was nominated for 2 Prix Gemaux and won both WGC and CSC Awards; BLACK COFFEE,(TVO, TFO,Historia, PBS) and IDA nominee BEING DOROTHY .

Non-fiction youth television credits, include MY BRAND NEW LIFE/JE VIE TA VIE ,LA QUETE and ACTIVE-TOI.

As a producer/executive producer of fiction, Ina has a number of credits including the alternative drama FAMILY MOTEL (in co-prod. with the NFB) directed by Helene Klodawsky , the MOW LA FORCE DE L’AGE, and the teen series (26 x 30) VAMPIRE HIGH.

In the past, we have had the unique opportunity to collaborate with extraordinary talent. Filmmakers like Helene Klodawsky, Jean-Louis Cote, Howard Goldberg, Ilan Ziv, Marie-Pierre Jaury, Irene Angelico, Vassili Silovic, Albert Nerenberg, Guy Nattiv. DOPs like Philippe Lavalette and Francois Dagenais. Editors like Alfonso Peccia, Talia Shenker, Ben Duffield. Researchers like Terri Foxman, Celina Bell. Composers like AIR, Vincent Letellier (aka Freeworm), Bell Orchestre, Bertrand Chenier, Patrick Watson. As we move forward, we welcome our current  collaborators: Jon Kalina, Stephanie Binet, Nancy Marcotte, Guila Frati, Amer Shomali, Paul Cowan, Jefferson Lewis, Yanie Dupont-Hebert, George Khleifi, Ada Ushpitz, Hiam Abbass.

At the core of our company is our team that keeps it all together: VP Business Affairs, Allan Jolicoeur and our Head of Production, Louise Lemelin, both veterans of the Canadian film and television industry. They work closely with our administrative support at Vivavision.

Last but not least, our co-production partners are at the heart of Intuitive Pictures. Long-standing partners like Point du jour (Luc Martin-Gousset) as well as some of our new collaborators enable us to make projects that are  ambitious and have international appeal. We treasure these relationships as we believe that global alliances bring us new perspectives and are good business.

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